25 Minutes
The Express Focus
Target a single area.
Efficiency is your thing, and you’re a results-driven human being. Let us work out the kinks in that one body part that’s plaguing you most. The Express Focus is a table massage that pays special attention to what needs immediate attention.
Need more attention?
Try The Deeper Focus, available in 50 and 80 minutes.
50 Minutes
80 Minutes
The Works
It's a crowd-pleaser.
Massage promotes circulation and healing; it floods your body with endorphins and serotonin in the most natural way possible. The Works is our general massage mixing techniques focused completely on your well-being, leaving you happy and healthy all the way through.
Time to zen out.
Stress can put your stomach in knots and lead to a general sense of unease, and a recurrent state of illness. Find your zen with a massage tailored to calm the body and heal the mind. The Chill Pill will help the anxiety subside and bring you to a deep state of relaxed healing.
Time to wake up.
Sometimes life can get you down. Invigorate is designed to reenergize the body through fluid, fast-paced movements, allowing your body to resurge in its most nurtured and energized state.
Muscle maintenance.
Take your athletics to the next level with a massage designed to stretch, align, and condition your body to enhance your fitness. The Stretch Armstrong is here to make the most out of your fitness routine and to refresh that hot bod you’re building.
Because you had a big night.
Massage is truly the secret hangover cure. Let’s flush the kidneys, rub that aching head of yours, and clear the sinus. The Hangover Cure to the rescue...you know, until next weekend.
Thoughtfully blended essential oils.
Heat it up
Heat packs used on selected areas during massage.
Muscle Soothe
Address your sore-spots with a botanically-infused treatment.
Deep Tissue
Get deep down to the root of your ills.
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