The Fall Regimen: How We’re Prepping To Crush Life This Season (And How You Should, Too)

The Fall Regimen: How We’re Prepping To Crush Life This Season (And How You Should, Too)

If you’ve been following the Chillhouse journey, you may have noticed we introduced a little thing called “membership”. Not familiar with what it entails? Play catch up here.

Caught up now? Good.

So you’re not a member yet? We ain’t mad atcha’, and we say there’s no time like the present. Call us old school, but to us the fall season is sort of like a game of “back to school”; a time where we reset and prep for a better us…kind of like that new composition book that you desperately try to keep neat for the first month. Fresh season, fresh new you (move aside, New Years!)

Because of this, we’ve partnered with some epic brands to round out the ULTIMATE FALL WELLNESS REGIMEN (dun, dun dunnnn.) Here’s what we’ve cooked up for our next 100 members…


Sweat out all your toxins and burn an insane amount of calories with a complimentary SoulCycle class. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that SoulCycle is a revolutionary workout that motivates you to your core and gets the heart racing like no other. Take advantage of their generous contribution and whip out that free class pass at any one of their dozens of studios. 

Take *Care of * your body with a two week supply of care/of vitamins. Care/of was generous enough to provide our next 100 members with a two week supply of vitamins — you know, those things you should be consuming every day. Thanks for taking good care/of us!


Get your mind right with one complimentary class at MNDFL

Your mental health is equally (if not more important) than your physical health. We partnered with MNDFL to offer our new members passes to their gorgeous New York studios. It’s always the right time to meditate, and your time starts now. 


Revive your hair with Bumble and bumble.’s latest repair product, “Save The Day”.

Start your day on the right foot by protecting your hair. Bumble and bumble.’s new repair product, “Save The Day” acts as an invisible shield to protect your locks from damage and breakage. 


Invigorate your skin with Milk Makeup’s “Matcha Toner”.

Matcha may be our #1 bae, and for that reason alone this toner speaks to us. Milk Makeup has provided our members with the world’s first solid toner! Packed with matcha green tea, Matcha Toner detoxifies and protects, while ingredients like kombucha purify pores, and cactus elixir calms irritated skin. Not to mention, the toner is also TSA-friendly, which means it makes it the perfect travel companion. 


Wow your friends by smelling reaaaal good thanks to Byredo.

What’s the point in feeling your best when you don’t smell your best? Byredo’s got you covered with one of their signature mini fragrances.

Now, go forth, sign up here, and give yourself that lovin’ you deserve. Pretty sure you deserve this sh…

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