Chillhouse is committed to providing quality, non-toxic products and services to its customers, while operating in a fully sanitary environment equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system. Your hands are important—we promise to treat them right.
The quick fix
You’re in a rush, but need to primp those digits. The quick fix is designed to get you out the door in 15 minutes with a fresh new color, and some light cleaning of the nails.
the full rodeo
Your go-to mani. Includes nail-shaping, cuticle care, and a quick hand massage.
the gel rodeo
The Full Rodeo, utilizing our 5-free gel polishes.
the full monty
$35 ($50 with Gel)
The Full Rodeo, plus a 5-minute hand massage, followed by a coffee + mint scrub by Little Barn Apothecary, finished with a hot towel wipe. This service will leave your hands feeling like a baby’s bum.
Extras: Gel removal, $10
*Please note, we only remove soak-off gel polish. Please call or email us if you have any concerns.
Signature Nail Designs, Curated by Lady Fancy Nails
All designs are available in additional color palettes. Ask your artist for other suggested pairings.
TIER ONE: Regular $35, Gel $55
Tier two: Regular $55, Gel $75
Conceptual design. Inspired by Matisse and contour drawings. Great for adventurous and creatively-inclined clients.
*Tier One Price
Simple and sweet design. Inspired by pointillism and dot matrix printing. Perfect for first-time nail art clients.
*Tier One Price
Bleach Stains
Fun and organic design. Perfect for clients with modest nail length.
*Tier One Price
Bold and architectural design. Intricacy of design can be adapted. Allows for negative space elements. Fitting for clients who like to have multiple color options.
*Tier Two Price
Elegant design. References marble used in interior design. Accommodates clients looking for a refined nail art look.
*Tier Two Price, Gel Only
Feminine, soft, and delicate designs. References the signature Chillhouse look. Great for clients going for a subtle aesthetic.
*Tier Two Price, Gel Only
Fun and strong design. Inspired by '70s prints. Just right for the client looking to express their unique personality and design sensibility.
*Tier Two Price
Inspired by hard-edge paintings and Pop Art. Awesome design for all nail shapes and lengths.
*Tier Two Price
Minimal design focused on base of the nail. Inspired by neon signage. Perfect for clients that want a simple, yet edgy design.
*Tier One Price
Tan Lines
References classic nail art with a slight design twist. Great for first-time nail art clients.
*Tier Two Price
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