Chillhouse is committed to providing quality, non-toxic products and services to its customers, while operating in a fully sanitary environment equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system. Your hands are important—we promise to treat them right.
The quick fix
You’re in a rush, but need to primp those digits. The quick fix is designed to get you out the door in 15 minutes with a fresh new color, and some light cleaning of the nails.
the full rodeo
Your go-to mani. Includes nail-shaping, cuticle care, and a quick hand massage.
the gel rodeo
The Full Rodeo, utilizing our 5-free gel polishes.
the full monty
$35 ($50 with Gel)
The Full Rodeo, plus a 7-minute hand massage, followed by an essential oil pairing (total of 10 minutes extra). Will leave your hands feeling like a baby’s bum.
*Extras: Gel removal, $10
Signature Nail Designs, Curated by Lady Fancy Nails
All designs are available in additional color palettes. Ask your artist for other suggested pairings.
TIER ONE: Regular $35, Gel $55
Tier two: Regular $55, Gel $75
Conceptual design. Inspired by Matisse and contour drawings. Great for adventurous and creatively-inclined clients.
*Tier One Price
Simple and sweet design. Inspired by pointillism and dot matrix printing. Perfect for first-time nail art clients.
*Tier One Price
Bleach Stains
Fun and organic design. Perfect for clients with modest nail length.
*Tier One Price
Bold and architectural design. Intricacy of design can be adapted. Allows for negative space elements. Fitting for clients who like to have multiple color options.
*Tier Two Price
Elegant design. References marble used in interior design. Accommodates clients looking for a refined nail art look.
*Tier Two Price
Feminine, soft, and delicate designs. References the signature Chillhouse look. Great for clients going for a subtle aesthetic.
*Tier Two Price
Fun and strong design. Inspired by '70s prints. Just right for the client looking to express their unique personality and design sensibility.
*Tier Two Price
Inspired by hard-edge paintings and Pop Art. Awesome design for all nail shapes and lengths.
*Tier Two Price
Minimal design focused on base of the nail. Inspired by neon signage. Perfect for clients that want a simple, yet edgy design.
*Tier One Price
Tan Lines
References classic nail art with a slight design twist. Great for first-time nail art clients.
*Tier One Price
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