There is something inexplicably empowering about wearing a true pajama set. For the longest time, it’s been easiest to grab an old T-shirt and flannel pants and hop into bed, after a hectic day when you just want to go to sleep ASAP. However, just because this is the easiest option doesn’t mean it’s the best option. You never feel truly amazing donning your old high school tee in bed, but rather, just comfy. And we want to do better than “just comfy.”

According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research, 30-40 percent of Americans have problems sleeping, so why don’t we invest more in sleepwear? We put in so much effort into getting dressed for daytime to feel our best in social situations, but how come we aren’t dressing for ourselves at night? Perhaps inspired by the show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — peppered with its amazing costume design and Mrs. Maisel’s impeccable sleepwear — I recently started switching out my old tees for cute pajama sets. And I can happily say that I’m not turning back!

Opting for a pajama set has made me feel chic during my “me time” at night while reading a book and sipping wine, and often leaves me feeling on top of the world when I wake up. Making time for myself by choosing a proper pajama set has psychologically shifted my mentality — that my time is worthwhile to be dedicated not only to others but also to those intimate moments with myself, as a necessary investment in myself.  

There’s a sense of togetherness and confidence that is fostered from put-together sleepwear, a form of self-care that comes with making time to place emphasis on yourself. Dr. Beth Ricanti, MD of says, “Feeling good on the inside sometimes comes from looking good on the outside…Behavioral modification is powerful stuff. Good habits beget better habits, and confidence breeds confidence. The same holds true in the bedroom. Wearing something soft and comfortable can also be flattering and sexy.” So this is not to say there is a one-size-fits-all model of sexy sleepwear to improve one’s mood and confidence, but rather taking the time to find sleepwear to make you feel your best self and feel like the rocking lady you are, ready to conquer your beauty sleep after a long day.

And what we can do to help is by providing some of our favorite sleepwear (women-owned!) options to make you feel like you have your shit together and boost your mood at the same time for the best nightly self-care routine.


This woman-owned sustainable sleepwear brand, founded by designer Talia Eve, uses recycled fabric made in LA, which also supports the local economy. Evewear was created to allow every woman to “dress for herself and feel her most confident.” The brand is organized by moods, not trends, to accommodate our ever-changing style and spirit, which influence how we feel like dressing — whether it is “tomboy,” “romantic,” or “free spirit.”

Our favorites are the retro chic Tomboy set ($150) and The Romantic ($180), which can be layered with or without the skirt for a feminine, whimsical look. Both are made from deadstock fabric, using repurposed old fabric that has been unable to sell. These pretty pieces fit your every mood and allow you to simultaneously help the environment — it’s a win-win!


Made by women for women, Lunya aims to reinvent sleepwear by curating collections to solve specific sleep problems such as “hot sleepers, cold sleepers, midnight nip slips, and wake-me-up wedgies.” They focus on performance fabrics and intelligent design, providing information about the fabric of each garment so you can choose the best piece for your sleep style. Who thought rompers and maxi dresses would be sleepwear pieces?

But our favorites are the oversized Pima Romper ($168) in Eclipse and the Restore long dress($168) in Charcoal for a casual cool look of pure comfort. Both are made from Pima cotton, comprised of long staple fibers for a soft and light feel while also being great for cold sleepers. The raw hemline on the romper makes it easy for you to cut and adjust for your size, which as a short girl, I absolutely love! The Restore long dress is part of the larger Restore collection, which combines Celliant minerals into the Pima cotton; the minerals (that are FDA regulated!) recycle body heat back into your skin to help “rebuild and recharge the body during sleep.”


Another women-owned brand founded by former advertising colleagues Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, Eberjey designs pretty lingerie that flatters real bodies to bring happiness, love, and confidence to make a woman feel beautiful. Our favorites are the menswear-inspired Frida The Whip Stitch Long PJ set ($138) in washed orchid for its feminine piping detailing and the luxe Victorian-looking Noor Tunic nightie ($92). Both are made from 95 percent modal and 5 percent spandex for a soft, breathable, and pill-resistant fabric (yes, for long-lasting PJs!).


This luxury British sleepwear company founded by best friends Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Leask specialize in sand-washed silk pajamas with the aura of a ‘90s tomboy look, designed for the chic globetrotting woman. They even offer monogramming services to add an extra personal touch to their timeless pajama pieces.

All pieces from Asceno are made from sand-washed silk, which is comfortable and breathable while being able to be washed normally with the rest of your clothes. Silk also boasts proven benefits of keeping moisture close to the skin and good for preventing skin irritation. Given the design and fabric, Asceno’s sleepwear is a bit of a splurge, but gorgeous nonetheless (why not treat yourself?). Our favorite pieces are the Blush Bold PJ Top and Bottom (sold separately for $215 each) and the Multi Twin Stripe Long Slip ($290).  

Mary Young

From designer Mary Young, this namesake brand offers ethically-made Canadian lingerie & loungewear that seeks to empower women to embrace their individuality and comfort over the industry’s standards of sexy. Mary Young sees lingerie as “more than just an article of clothing, but an aspect of self-love. By embracing your body and finding confidence in yourself, you become more loving towards yourself and in turn, those around you.”

To further this message of empowerment, the brand donates $3 of every purchase to Raw Beauty Talks, a non-profit society that promotes young women’s mental and physical well-being in schools, public events, and media by starting inclusive discussions around body positivity. Our favorite loungewear pieces are the form-fitting Wyatt Dress ($100) and the versatile Oli Robe($90), which can be worn to chill in the house or styled over jeans and a tee for weekend brunch. Get comfy and support a great body positive movement while doing so.

Know a PJ brand that you love? DM us @thechilltimes and to let us know who we should add to our closet.

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