Proprietary recipes built around the Chillhouse Powders, Adaptogenic Powders, and other chill ingredients.

Give Me Life Latte $7 Cacao, Ginger, Honey, Cayenne ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Maca, Cordyceps, Chaga, Rhodiola ++

CHILL ME OUT LATTE $7 Lavender, Butterfly Pea, Vanilla ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ashwaganda, Reishi, Mucuna Puriens, Lavandin ++

SPIN MY WHEELS LATTE $7 Black Sesame Tahini, Honey ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Astragalus, Maca, Lion’s Mane, Shalajit, Gingko ++

CLEAN ME OUT LATTE $7 Tart Cherry, Ginger, Cinnamon ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Beet Root, Triphala, Spirulina, Dandelion Root ++

MAKE ME GLOW LATTE $7 Ube, Ginger ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Goji, Rehmannia, Acai, Mesquite ++

Toasted Palmer $7 Genmaicha Arnold Palmer, Lemon Juice

Purple Haze $7 Butterfly Pea Tea, Lemon Juice

Hibiscus Milkshake $8 Genmaicha Green Tea, Hibiscus Tea

Signature CBD Infused Scrub $15


Spice up & customize your nail service with our select menu of add-ons.

Signature Full Monty Coffee $8

French Girl's Sea Polish Scrub $10

Lauren's All Purpose Salve $5

Signature Chill Infused Lotion $8

Double the dose $20 Up your chill with our Chill scrub and lotion combo. This add-on is a 20 minute service.

The Extras

Spice up & customize you massage service with our select menu of add-ons.

Gimme a Boost $8 Boost your Chill to new levels of serenity using The Buff’s Aroma Boosters (scents available in lemon for detoxification, grapefruit for energy, frankincense for clarity and geranium for serenity.)

Muscle Soothe $8 Address your sore-spots with a botanically-infused treatment.

Deep Tissue Book "The Deeper Focus"

GIMME SALVE-ATION! $12 A deeply hydrating extra, utilizing Lauren’s All Purpose Salve. All natural organic protection against the worst the world has to o er.

The Paraffin Treatment $8 A warm treatment that will soothe your tired soles or ease your aching hands, leaving your skin as smooth as a baby's bum.

Himalayan Glow $10 Breath deep and let your tension melt away under the warm glow of Himalayan salt stones. Balance your pH, calm your nervous system and reduce signs of aging.

SEA MY FEET (80-Minute recommended) $10 Spent all day running around the city? Show your feet some love with French Girl’s Menthe Sea Salt Foot Scrub.

FACE TIME (80-minute recommended) $15 Did you know your face has 43 individual muscles? They get stressed just as much as your neck and shoulders. Give your face some Chill time with our signature face massage using Monta’s 100% vegan Balancing Facial Oil.


EIC [Tier 1]

Inspired by the chic editors that establish
 trends, this design is timeless yet cutting
 edge, and great for all nail shapes.


A nostalgic choice, this design is inspired by 
the millennial birth era. Mix and match with even 
more colors for an even more wild child vibe.

SIDE EYES [Tier 1]

Whimsical and mysterious, this look is best
when monochrome. Great for all nail 
lengths and ideal for oval nail shapes.

Road Blocks [Tier 2]

A classic geometric design that pairs well with all color 
options. Try this with a neutral palette for a more toned 
down look and bright colors when you’re feeling extra.

COEXIST [Tier 3]

Stylish and eclectic, this design is for the
wildly creative soul.

Incognito [Tier 2]

A brave and daring design inspired by the brave and daring
 women who protect our rights. Use the recommended
 CND colors to achieve this camouflage effect.

KUSAMA [Tier 2]

Inspired by one of our favorite artists, 
Yayoi Kusama, this design is elegant yet bold
 and works on all nail beds. 

No Apologies [Tier 3]

Designed with art directors in mind, this 
design is poppy, complex, and non-apologetic.

Matisse [Tier 2]

Conceptual design. Inspired by Matisse and contour drawings. Great for adventurous and creatively-inclined clients.

California Hard Edge [Tier 3]

Inspired by hard-edge paintings and Pop Art. Awesome design for all nail shapes and lengths.

Discoteca [Tier 2]

Fun and strong design. Inspired by '70s prints. Just right for the client looking to express their unique personality and design sensibility.

DPI [Tier 1]

Simple and sweet design. Inspired by pointillism and dot matrix printing. Perfect for first-time nail art clients.

Off-Kilter [Tier 1]

Clean, simple yet bold, this style is for 
nail art newbies who still want a design that 
packs some punch.

Tan Lines [Tier 1]

References classic nail art with a slight design twist. Great for first-time nail art clients.


Your DNA is what makes you unique, right? Let this mani do the same.


Salvadore Dalí’s brain if he owned a daycare. New business idea?


Not your average Easter mani. Welcome the season with style-- way past the egg hunt.


Clown style that won’t scare the kiddies.


Until a morning margarita becomes socially acceptable, there’s this. Works great if you’re trying to extend the life of your mani.


An upscale take on your childhood lava lamp. Remind you of one of our classic nail designs?

MISS 305 [TIER 2]

A nod to our Miami mamis. We see you.


Design inspired by those fizzy drinks you can’t help but have a little too many of when the weather’s nice.


An abstract design unlike anything in your sketchbook. Let your inner artist shine. Best for long nail beds.


Miranda Priestly approved, promise.