We all know we’d like our homes to look like it popped out of a magazine, but it’s safe to say there’s only a small percentage of people who can actually accomplish that (and if that’s you, congrats! You’re doing better than most of us). Keeping your space clutter-free can be a huge undertaking, especially if you live in a minuscule apartment.

Having our homes be disorganized can be a massive source of stress for most of us, but it can totally be avoided. So if you’re looking to keep your home zen AF, keep scrolling for ways to keep your home clutter-and stress-free.

Ask Yourself, “Does it Spark Joy?”

Marie Kondo recently shot to popularity with her most recent book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but she’s been in the organization game for a while. Her top tip in organizing? To simply ask yourself if an item sparks joy for you anymore. If it does, keep it, and if it no longer does, thank it for the joy it gave you and get rid of it. Seeing as we tend to hang on to unnecessary items simply because of nostalgia, this is a really definitive way to get rid of things you no longer use, need, or even want while respecting the joy it once brought you.

Make Your Bed

It seems simple, but I’d bet most of you actually skip this vital step on a daily basis. Professional Organizer Shira Gill said, “In most bedrooms, the bed takes up the single largest percentage of space. So just by pulling your covers up and fluffing a few pillows, your room will look instantly more pulled together and polished.” A sight that is far more calming to the mind than messy sheets.

Have a Place for Everything

You’re talking to the queen of throwing clothing on the ground and putting papers on random counters, but even I know it’s a bad habit that’s gotta stop! Having a spot for everything is key. For items like keys and wallets, invest in a small catchall by the front door. For coats and bags, hooks (even as simple as Command hooks!) ensure each piece has a home. For items such as mail or important papers, consider a file organizer or wall pockets. By purchasing simple, small items like these to organize your home, your space will feel much better and I guarantee you won’t be running around last minute wondering where your keys are, either.

Oprah’s Closet Trick

Oprah most definitely did not invent this little closet method, but she popularized it and for that, I thank her. The trick is simple and goes as follows—hang your clothing up with the back facing the front. Once you’ve worn something, place it back in your closet facing front. Do this for six months, and by the end of it, you’ll have a decent amount of clothing you no longer wear that should be relatively easy to part with. If you’re sentimental about clothing, girl, I feel you, so don’t feel pressured to get rid of everything you don’t wear, but definitely push yourself from your clothing hoarding comfort zone.

Buy Furniture with Built-in Storage

For anyone living in a small space, this one’s for you. Purchasing furniture with built-in storage is a game changer. Think a bed frame with drawers, a daily message board with coat hooks, or even a couch with enough space to slide in decorative storage baskets. When storage becomes a part of the design of your space, it’s much easier to keep things looking neat, tidy, and therefore, less stressful.

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