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Ash Candle
by Boy Smells

Coconut and beeswax candle with braided cotton wick

All Purpose Salve Classic Jar
by Lauren's All Purpose

The cure-all for your hydration woes

Amethyst Face Roller
by Skin Gym

Gemstone facial massager

Soothing Milk Bath
by Palermo Body

Soothing milk bath for dry skin

Debloat Food + Probiotic
by The Nue Co.

Natural digestive enzyme blend

Face Sculptor
by Skin Gym

Sculpting beauty roller

These Products Will Help You Begin Your Self-Care Practice

When Chillhouse curated a perfect list of products for the self-care novice, a starter pack if you will, I jumped on it, looking for a way into the world of self-care. So, tried and tested by a real newbie on the scene, here is your guide to Chillhouse's official Self-Care Starter Pack. Read more

Purify Face Wash and Mask
by Linné Botanicals

Clarifying and soothing everyday cleanser

Goldie Face Roller
by Skin Gym

Glow boosting beauty roller