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Ash Candle
by Boy Smells

Coconut and beeswax candle with braided cotton wick

All Purpose Salve Classic Jar
by Lauren's All Purpose

The cure-all for your hydration woes

Balancing Face Oil
by Monta

100% natural, vegan facial oil

Amethyst Face Roller
by Skin Gym

Gemstone facial massager

Soothing Milk Bath
by Palermo Body

Soothing milk bath for dry skin

Debloat Food + Probiotic
by The Nue Co.

Natural digestive enzyme blend

These Products Will Help You Begin Your Self-Care Practice

When Chillhouse curated a perfect list of products for the self-care novice, a starter pack if you will, I jumped on it, looking for a way into the world of self-care. So, tried and tested by a real newbie on the scene, here is your guide to Chillhouse's official Self-Care Starter Pack. Read more

Purify Face Wash and Mask
by Linné Botanicals

Clarifying and soothing everyday cleanser

Green Clay Detox Face Mask
by Circumference

Detoxifying and hydrating clay mask

Goldie Face Roller
by Skin Gym

Glow boosting beauty roller

Face Sculptor
by Skin Gym

Sculpting beauty roller