We believe every house can be a "chill home". We believe you can replicate spa-like experiences from the comfort of your home, and when you don’t want to, we’re here for you too via our flagship locations

  • We celebrate feel good moments and are here to help you chill TF out.

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75 Varick Street, NYC

Pillars of Chill


We formulate with clean standards in mind and think about our treatments’ impact to our customers and the environment at large. Learn more about our treatments by visiting our PRODUCT FAQ page here.


We believe in tried & true services and are committed to keeping self care rituals alive through innovative messaging, formulations & packaging. We give tried & tested formulations and give them a breath of fresh air. 

We believe in a combination of science-backed ingredients, combined with innovative elements that bring something exciting & fresh to the beauty & wellness landscape. 


We aim to create affordable, fun & accessible treatments for all. We’re the me-time reminder every generation & household needs. 


We believe real chill starts from the inside out and are here to support organizations doing the heavy work. 1% of Chillhouse’s company-wide proceeds will be directed towards mental health initiatives. We currently support Half the Story & Sad Girls Club.

Learn more about our 1% for a Chiller World initiative here.

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Supporting a Chiller World


We started Chillhouse in 2017 to combat an increasingly stressful world. Our Flagship oasis in Soho is a representation of that — a reprieve for hordes of overworked and overstimulated guests to take a moment for themselves. At the same time, our growing collection of formulated products aim to help celebrate and simplify self-care rituals — bringing the spa day home with you.

That said, we know stress is much more serious than beauty products and spa days. While they are fun and important, mental health issues still abound in today’s world.

We currently commit 1% of proceeds to support mental health advocacy and efforts. We hope, with your help, to continue to destigmatize the silent epidemic that plagues our modern society.

While we promise to continue bringing you fun products that make self-care moments attainable and chill, we also commit to supporting serious conversations through our platform The Chill Times and through these great organizations.

1% for a Chiller WorldSad Girls ClubHalf the story