Would you believe me if I told you that I plan my manicures around my travel dates? I book my nail appointments far enough in advance that I don’t have to worry about them and coordinate the designs around the destinations (mini palms to complement my Cali adventure. Damn straight).

For myself, having a well-manicured mani is an essential part of my travel experience and I’ve learned throughout the years how to make them last from takeoff to landing — without a single chip. Want to always have a flawless mani every time you go on vacay? Scroll below for tips on how to achieve a long-lasting manicure, no matter your destination.

For outdoor trips:

Whether you’re going hiking in the mountains or swimming at the beach, you know you’ll be expecting extra wear and tear on those digits. Make sure to bring your top coat polish with you to protect those natural elements such as dirt and sand from scraping purdy digits. Planning on soaking in the salty ocean? Use a nail strengthener polish beforehand to make sure your nails are strong. When you notice your nails losing their shine, apply an extra layer of top coat. If you feel the tips of your nails chipping, polish over the edges to seal those babies back up.

For city trips:

If you prefer to get your manicure done close to your departure date, why not find a nail salon at your destination? With Instagram, you can find chic nail salons and browse their unique nail designs. Your nails are guaranteed to be fresh longer and you’ll feel more like a local. Plus, you’ll also get to bring home a new mani souvenir.

For the combination trip:

You can be both glam and sometimes rugged depending on your mood, so you want a mani that can be as flexible as you. For a chip-free-and-versatile mani, you want to use plenty of cuticle oil and choose your color carefully. Cuticle oil not only keeps your nails healthy and flexible, but it also keeps your nail polish pliable. A more flexible polish means fewer cracks and chips. When choosing a color, remember that matte colors generally chip faster and glitter polishes are known to last longer. Also, lighter colors may blend better with your nail tone so chips seem less visible.

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