All chill, with only the frills you actually care about. Your face deserves skin treatments with a zero-BS approach: attainable, straightforward and effective. Our Chill Face program is relaxation and results rolled into one comprehensive experience —  that’s the #restingchillface way. 

  • QUICK FACE (30-min)


    For those dipping a toe in the skincare pond, or when you have just 30 minutes to spare for self-care, we turn to Quick Face. A high impact skin treatment, tailored to your top skin concern through one personalized method. Quick Face includes skin analysis, cleansing, light extractions, masquing, Gua Sha and Chill Globes facial massage. All chill, minimal frills, effective results.

    The Quick Face is expertly designed as a skincare pick-me up or refresh in between your Face Therapist prescribed monthly facials! When you are indeed short on time, the Quick Face will give you what you need in just 30-minutes!

  • CLEAN ME OUT (50-min / 80-min)

    $145 / $195

    Let Clean Me Out be your secret weapon to fight stubborn breakouts that were *so* 10 years ago. A comprehensive treatment formulated by Dermalogica for oily skin types to treat, prevent, and protect against blemish causing bacteria.

  • CHILL ME OUT (50-min / 80-min)

    $145 / $195

    Formulated by Dermalogica for sensitive skin types, Chill Me Out soothes, nourishes and protects while reducing redness and irritation. All gain, no pain so you can carry on with your day after 50 minutes of chillful bliss.

  • MAKE ME GLOW (50-min / 80-min)

    $145 / $195

    Despite our best efforts, some days our fine lines are a bit deeper, our skin dehydration is more pronounced and our overall radiance isn’t up to par. Enter Make Me Glow, a preventative service to recover, brighten and revitalize your complexion through deep exfoliation and hydration, all using Dermalogica products. Goodbye dullness, hello dewy skin.

  • BESPOKE FACE (50-min / 80-min)

    $155 / $205

    Not sure what is happening with your skin and its needs? No problem, let us take the wheel and customize your session. We’ve got you.

  • PEELS (30-min)


    Radient, renewed skin is in. Achieve your ultimate skin goals with our Face Therapists. Pick your Pro Peel:

    PowerClear: Combines a blend of BHAs and AHAs to help target excess oil for those with sensitive skin, severe breakouts, and dark spots.

    UltraBright: An effective brightning peel featuring a complex blend of AHAs including Lactic Acid, grape juice extract and enzymes to help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, dullness, and eary signg of aging. Great for sensitive skintypes.

    AdvancedRenewal: Contains Glycolic Acid and Phytic Acid to help aid in cell turnover, skin brightening, and helping minimze hyper pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.



    The Detoxifying Back Facial literally has your back. This self care treatment features our scrub treatment, UNDER THE SEA, plus Forea LUNA BODY DEVICE for a deep cleanse. Extractions and high frequency target acne and congestion, while a detoxifying masque balances oil production. The grand finale features ALT MILK to condition and hydrate paired with STEAM ROOM and SPF for the ultimate glow9

Face Extras

Spice up & customize your facial with our select menu of enhancements.

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Chillhouse's favorite facial massage tool that aides in relieving tension, stimulating circulation, de-puffing, lifting and sculpting.



A comprehensive treatment from Dermalogica that targets dehydration around eyes and lips to smooth fine lines and protect the delicate areas from further damage.



The next obsession to help cool, drain and sculpt your face. Our Globes encourage circulation throughout your face while also promoting elastin and collagen production. Are you ready to enhance your Chill?



An oil-free aromatherapy blend of botanicals by Dermalogica, formulated for allergy-prone and sensitive skin to chill out your mind and complexion.



An innovative LED light treatment from LightStim that stimulates collagen and elastin production to restore your baby face by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


An intensive LED light treatment from LightStim that heals and calms skin, while tackling acne-causing bacteria to combat future breakouts.


A professional, non invasive facial lifting and toning device to help improve facial contour, and radiance by stimulating collagen and elastin.


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