The Chill Approved

Team Chill here.

We’re thrilled you found us. Whether you’ve arrived on this page via the wonderful power of social media or have been a long time friend & loyal customer of our retail property at 149 Essex Street, the one thing to know about our evolution is that we exist to serve all of your chilling needs.

We started with a shop in the Lower East Side, expanded into editorial through The Chill Times, and now have tried to bring the Chillhouse experience to your life anytime, anywhere by curating goods that make you feel good. Isn’t the internet sweet like that?

SHOP CHILL is our online retail arm. Whether you’re looking for your next all-in-one face mask or are in the market for chic accessories to make your home more relaxing, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to make self-care and relaxation easy, enjoyable and attainable — after all, that’s what it should be. We promise to bring you the best products on the market that offer quality ingredients, an aspirational brand message, and digestible prices.

Now you can come to us when you want to discover a new product you can trust, treat yourself with a service, or read some content about all aspects of your wellbeing — anything and everything to give you that needed break from the daily grind.

Kick back and stay a while. We hope you love what’s ahead.

Our Process:

We don’t claim to be experts in any one area of health or wellness — after all, what does it really mean to be an “expert” in this field? The process is so personal to each individual. However, we do believe self-care starts from the inside-out and our mission with SHOP CHILL is to identify the products that support your daily goal to be kinder to yourself. From ingestible products for your morning ritual to that bath salt that’ll cap off your night, we’ve combed through hundreds of products and have identified some of our favorites.

Our SHOP CHILL team is small but mighty and we approached the products on our desk with different insights and needs. Our skin is different, our taste is different, and our budgets are different. With that in mind, we reviewed each and every product stocked on our site with a scrutinizing eye. Our process started with a few pillars: Does it serve a daily need? Does it uplift you? Is it made from quality ingredients? Does it have an aspirational mission on its own, and do we want to use it ALL.THE.TIME? Some products didn’t make the cut, however these products made us feel really damn good — both from the inside out, and the outside in. Over the past few months, our love for these products has grown and we hope you grow with us in this next chapter of Chill.

Our Promise:

We promise to heavily test everything with the Chillhouse team and report back. We promise to love the products we sell — always. We promise to keep it real with you, always.

Consider all of it CHILL APPROVED.