Darius’s Chill

Darius’s Chill

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Product Description

Darius’s Chill Includes: 

  • Gua Sha

Product Details: 

STEAM ROOM: Take a break anytime, anywhere, with STEAM ROOM, a deeply hydrating & illuminating face & body mist that sets the tone for a chill day ahead. The glow up starts here with rockstar ingredients such as Green Tea, Vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate & Aloe Vera. A tropical escape awaits thanks to feel-good mood producing fragrance notes including Coconut, Cedarwood & Citrus. You’ll be swept away to a far-flung locale…even if only on a mental vacation.

Gua Sha: 

To Use: 

  • Prep face with your Chillhouse face oil to ensure that your skin is ready for your Gua Sha. 
  • Start at the tops of your eyebrows, gliding the tool in an upward and outward motion to stimulate blood circulation and awaken your skin. 
  • Now, move to your cheeks and glide your tool in an upward motion following the natural curves of your face. 
  • Next, move to your jawline and use a combination of short and long upward strokes to flush lymphatic drainage. 
  • Finish by gliding your Gua Sha downward to flush all excess fluids held in the neck area right below your ears. 


  • Helps to sculpt and define facial features. 
  • Relieve muscle tension while softening fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and decreases puffiness. 
  • Exercises facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation. 
  • Boosts collagen production. 
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