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Muscle Muse

Muscle Muse

The Body Stone Gua Sha

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A full-body massage tool for tension and stress relief.

This natural white jade gua sha eases muscle tightness across shoulders, back, neck, or any area of tension.

Muscle Muse is here to massage away stress while promoting lymphatic drainage, decreasing puffiness, and boosting collagen production and blood circulation. 

Breathe easy as your muscles relax for a full-body chill.

How to Use

1) Prep the skin with Chillhouse body oil to ensure skin is ready for your gua sha.

2) Holding the gua sha tool from the wave grip handle, press the smooth, flat edge of the tool onto the desired area of your body.

3) Pressing firmly, glide the gua sha tool down the muscles of your neck, back, stomach, arms, or legs. For tension in your upper body, glide from inside to outside of chest.

4) Repeat in 4-6-inch strokes for 5-10 minutes, before moving to next muscle group in need of some TLC.

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A full-body MASSAGE TOOL for tension and stress relief.


MUSCLE TIGHTNESS across shoulders, back, neck, or any area of tension.

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MUSCLE MUSE: A full-body massage tool to relieve tension and stress.


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