The Chillhouse Body program is built around function and intention of massage results. No matter what the goals for your session, the Chillhouse massage team has a service for you.

  • THE WORKS (50-min / 80-min)

    $135 / $185

    It's a crowd-pleaser. Massage promotes circulation and healing; it floods your body with endorphins and serotonin in the most natural way possible. The Works is our general massage mixing techniques focused completely on your well-being, leaving you happy and healthy all the way through.

  • CHILL PILL (50-min / 80-min)

    $135 / $185

    Time to zen out. Stress can put your stomach in knots and lead to a general sense of unease, and a recurrent state of illness. Find your zen with a massage tailored to calm the body and heal the mind. The Chill Pill will help the anxiety subside and bring you to a deep state of relaxed healing.

  • INVIGORATE (50-min / 80-min)

    $135 / $185

    Time to wake up. Sometimes life can get you down. Invigorate is designed to reenergize the body through fluid, fast-paced movements, allowing your body to resurge in its most nurtured and energized state.

  • THE STRETCH (50-min / 80-min)

    $135 / $185

    Take your athletics to the next level with a massage designed to stretch, align, and condition your body to enhance your fitness. The Stretch is here to make the most out of your fitness routine and to refresh that hot bod you’re building.

  • MAMA NEEDS TO CHILL (50-min / 80-min)

    $135 / $185

    A prenatal massage for the mama to be. Enjoy the benefits of prenatal massage therapy, which aids in alleviating lower back discomfort, facilitating lower extremity circulation and preventing fatigue.

  • THE DEEP TISSUE (50-min / 80-min)

    $145 / $195

    Turn it up to 11. Really feeling out of whack? Dig deep with The Deeper focus, a session punctuated by greater pressure to knead the tension out of those hard to reach knots below the surface.



    Experience a 30-minute foot & lower leg massage, focusing on reflexology pressure points to relieve tension that will leave you feeling recharged and ready to take on the rest of your day.

  • CHILL TIME FOR TWO (50-min / 80-min)

    $300 / $400

    Some quality chill time for two.Escape the stress of the daily grind, side by side. Come let your bodies melt away in our doubles room -- a relaxing and chic setting equipped with its own tea station. For bookings, email us at

  • CUPPING (50-min / 80-min)

    $145 / $195

    Pain, tension, inflammation and stress? Consider cupping is your new best friend. Also effective in releasing stubborn knots and improving joint mobility, while increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow. if you're a little skeptical, rest assured; this treatment has existed for hundreds of years and is considered one of the oldest traditional massages.

    *Cupping is not recommended for applications to pregnant clients after 6 months*

Body Extras

Spice up & customize you massage service with our select menu of enhancements.

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Boost your Chill to new levels of serenity using our signature Aromatherapy scents (scents available in store, please ask your Massage Therapist for what works best for you!)



Address your sore-spots with a botanically-infused treatment.



Our version of a hot stone massage, using Himalayan Salt Stones to melt the stress away.



A deeply hydrating extra, utilizing Lauren’s All Purpose Salve. All natural organic protection against the worst the world has to o er.



A warm treatment that will soothe your tired soles, leaving your skin as smooth as a baby's bum.



A warm treatment that will ease your aching hands, leaving your skin as smooth as a baby's bum.


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